Adam P. Knave (co-creator/co-writer) is an Eisner and Harvey writer and editor who has written fiction (STRANGE ANGEL, STAYS CRUNCHY IN MILK), comics (AMELIA COLE, ACTION CATS, stories in TITMOUSE, POPGUN) and columns for sites such as ThreeIfBySpace, PopCultureShock and MamaPop. He is also the editor of Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER and was one of the editors of Image’s POPGUN anthology. He can be found online at and you can follow him on twitter @adampknave.

Sean E. Williams (co-creator/co-writer)is the New York Times Best Selling writer of Fairest: The Return of the Maharaja for DC/Vertigo, The Vampire Diaries and Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman for DC Comics, Artful Daggers for Monkeybrain Comics and IDW Publishing, and more. He co-founded Comicker LLC.  While he writes from the wilds of Minnesota, you can find him online at, or on Twitter at @sean_e_williams.

Andrew Losq (co-creator/artist) is an animator, video game designer and illustrator from California. He lives and works in Granada, Spain with his awesome wife. ARTFUL DAGGERS is his first published comic book work. You can find him on Twitter at @AndrewLosq.

Frank Cvetkovic (letterer) is a freelance writer and comic book letterer whose work has appeared in ARTFUL DAGGERS, THE BLACK WRAITH, FIRESIDE MAGAZINE, KUNG FU SKRATCH!, MOLLY DANGER, NENETL OF THE FORGOTTEN SPIRITS, and THE INSIDE. He is also the writer and creator of the original graphic novel PUNCH-UP. He currently lives in Cleveland, OH, where the home teams never win and the rivers occasionally catch fire. Follow him on Twitter @GoFrankGo.